5 Temples in Bangkok to Pray For Love

BE SINGLE IS GOOD BUT BE COUPLE IS BETTER. It is undeniable that for a single person, sometimes we feel lonely, and sometimes we need someone to share the love with, care and happiness. If you believes in God and prays to God to give you a soulmate or true love, we do think that you must visit those 5 Gods of love in those temples in Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Uma Devi Temple or Wat kheak

(Credit: Ian Fuller on flickr)
(Credit: wikipedia)

On the Silom Road center of Bangkok, there is the hectic business area in Thailand. Over 100 years, Hindu temple has been also known as the name of Wat Khaek or Uma Devi Temple. The name of the temple reflects the founder’s belief of Shakti which mainly dedicates to the goddess Mariamman.

The Hindu goddess Mariamman or Mother Mari is God Siva’s queen. As to be known, the devotion love between Mariamman and God Siva that is the origin to worship to Mariamman God. Most of the people who visited this temple, they are succeed in love.

Colorful sculptures on the exterior of the temple.
(Credit: Ian Fuller on flickr)

This temple used to welcome only Hindi during the afternoon period for praying to gods by reciting Ramayana. However nowadays, this place is open more for public to believers and tourists to visit and pray.

Open time: Every day 06.00-20.00
Dress: appropriate
No food allowed
How to get there: BTS Silom line to Surasak station and walk 650 meters.

2. Trimurti Shrine at Central World

(Credit: Nan-Cheng Tsai on flickr)

Trimurti is a Hindu shrine God of success for Love. This God is combined between Bhrama(build), Siva(save), Vishnu(destroy) that’s includes prosperity to believers and For the wishes to success, eliminate trouble, success in occupation, increase your finance, and success in love.

In Thailand, most of the people have faith that he is the location at the central world in front of Isetan, Rachadamri road.

How to deliver your pray:

use Roses, 2 red candles, red incense sticks. And if the wishes come true success you have to offer tributes such as coconut, milk, sweet, but not meat dishes.

Open time: Every day but the best day on Thursday at 21.30

How to get there: BTS Sukhumvit line to Chidlom station and walk 600 meters

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3. Maha Lakshmi at Gaysorn Village

(Credit: thaiwebsites)

Each day there are believers with various occupation come to visit Legend Maha Lakshmi, one of the famous holy God at the rooftop 4th floor of Gaysorn village on Rachaprasong road. Hindi believe that Maha Lakshmi is the most beautiful in Ramayana literature and offer richness, success, and perpetual happiness.

Legend of Maha Lakshmi fidelity loves God Vishnu as in the history Maha Lakshmi is always beside him. If you are a believer and wish to have a fidelity love also richness, do not miss to visit here.Please bring Pink lotus, sugarcane, and coconut by yourself because up there are no shops to sell.

Open time: Every day 10.00-18.00
How to get there: BTS Sukhumvit line to Chidlom station and walk 270 meters.

4.Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

(Credit: wikipedia)

Wat Pho or the official’s name is Wat Phra Chettupon Wimon Mangkhalaram. Ratchaworamahawihan is one of the oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok. Also, know that this is the birthplace of Traditional Thai massage. As well know the Reclining Buddha is one of the largest single Buddha images with 46 meters long and 15 meters high.

If you never succeed in love or your age is almost going to 30, according to Legend of Thai people, the numbers No. 3 based on faith and has the meaning of Reclining Buddha and love. This is the reason why you must visit here when you are going to 30 but are still single, wishing to have true love. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Wat Pho and worship to Reclining Buddha, those who come across true love also maybe have a chance to get married too.

Open time: Daily 08.30-18.00
Dress: appropriate
How to get there: BTS Silom line to Sapan Thaksin station takes exit2 then take Chao Phraya express boat to Tha Tien pier

5. Pradoo Goddess Shrine

Located in Yaowarad old market, or Chinatown, the place that has a history for more than 170 years. As well known that here is sacred for love. For the holiness, it has been recommended by TV shows and Fortunetellers to visit for prayer.

Pradoo Goddess shrine is a God of love in Chinese. Especially for a single person who wishes to have a love or soul mate. The Deacon of this place said if you wish to pray for general use only 33 incense sticks but if you wish to pray only for love use 45 incense sticks also Red candles, 5 kinds of fruit and Pearl bracelet like Chinese people.

The reason that this place is named Prado is that it is made from Andaman Redwood. After prayer, do not forget to shake sticks inside the bamboo cylinder to read your fortune.

Open time: Daily 05.00-18.00
How to get there: MRT blue line to Hua lamphong station then take AC bus no.7 to Yak Yaowaraj (4stops) and walk 490 meters

After reading these 5 temples in Bangkok to pray for love, people who wish to have a true love, don’t forget to visit which is close to you, or you can visit everywhere that we recommend, and soon you will no longer be a single anymore. Moreover, not only praying for love, but another thing to make consistent love is to understand and sacrifice to each other. Whatever your love is, we wish you to be happy in love.


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