The Best Sports Bar In Taipei for Your Athletic Spirit

The sports bars in Taipei are always packed with pumped up sports fan whenever there are big sporting events in Taiwan, or to be honest, the world. Talking about sports event, Taipei will be holding one of those recently, and this is the largest that ever happened to this country—the Summer Universiade. What better timing to discover some a place to drink, eat, and root for your team!

Sports Bar in Taipei | The Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey is extremely popular among expatriates, so it’s needless to say you’ll have to line up or book for seats during big sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup. Other events include the English Premier League, NRL, and Rugby Championships. Simply check out their official website for the latest schedule.

The bar is equipped with huge screens to make sure every guest sees the competition. Pool tables and table football are also present. The menu is classically American, sporting wide selections of burgers, fries, and steaks.

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Sports Bar in Taipei | The Chips

The Chips is a little different than the sports bar people are used to. It exhibits a cottage style vibe and has a gigantic (I mean it) size of menu to choose from. You can devour burgers, pasta, bountiful dessert, and even risotto while you cheer your team on.

Since it’s a brunch restaurant during daytime, it should come as no surprise regarding the variety of foods they provide. But make no mistake, the atmosphere is LIT when the game begins. And again, do make sure you book in advance, especially after nightfall.

Sports Bar in Taipei | Patio 84 Bar & Grill

Patio 84 is formerly the Green Bar, a decade-old bar around Tianmu. Once you step in, you can tell it is one of those bars that is really dedicated to sports. There are three large monitors that got sports events like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and many more rolling full time.

It may seem like your normal neighborhood bar, but during major events, the buffalo wings, beef wraps, and inspiring wall decors get you really pumped up for the game. They also have an outdoor patio equipped with a heater. One way or another, Patio 84 is the first choice for grabbing a beer and cheering teams on in many Taipei expatriate’s minds.

Sports Bar in Taipei | On Tap

On Tap entertains a mainly international crowd with live satellite TV sports, a wide range of beers, ciders, lagers, and delicious pub grub menu. The British themed pub is extremely popular without reservation, and proudly declared themselves “Taipei’s Only Real Pub”.

They also have themed nights all days of the week when you can get some great deals, such as burger and beer at a discounted price. Expect to join various post work young professionals for a hot sports match!

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