Tourist Information Center of Taipei

Tourist Information Center is one of the best friends during a trip. Where is the tourist information center? What tourist information center can do for travelers? Let us introduce the tourist information center of Taipei for you!

Emergency 1.

Mike: Excuse me, do you know where the closest MRT station is?Passerby: Sorry, no English, no English.

Emergency 2.

Linda: Hello, do you know where I can get free access to WIFI?Taipei resident: I’ve got an unlimited data plan, so I’m not sure where you can get free WIFI.

Emergency 3.

Mike: Oh no…I think I’m about to have the runs…Linda: Oh dear, where am I going to find you a restroom in Dadaocheng now?!
Mike: NOOOOO!!!!!

What should you do when you are facing an emergency in a foreign country?

Come to Tourist Information Center and be frustrated no more!

Around some transportation hubs like Taipei Main Station, Songshan Airport, and some specific attraction, there are 11 Tourist Information Center. You may ask the counter help for emergency help, directions, or travel advice. Other than the friendly service, the centers also provide some printed or online tourism information that will be of great assistance during your stay in Taipei. What’s more, bring the passport with you and provide the service counter your email address, you can apply Taipei Free, the free WIFI access, and have access to it in the most public area in Taipei.

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